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The Importance of Early Education

Our goal at Daycare Plus is to create a life long love of learning. All of our classroom's main focus is to create an inviting area where your child feels safe and loved. Our curriculum is child-centered allowing them to discover and explore to learn more about the world around them. This has a big focus on encouraging pretend play. We have bi-weekly themes that change to immerse your child in an imaginary world from a Dinosaur Dig Site to a Grocery Store and even to Outer Space! All while tracking your child's developmental milestones, allowing us to create a plan to help them succeed in the future.  

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Our Curriculum

We follow the Nebraska's Birth to Five Learning and Development Standards. Each domain has their own set of goals and milestones appropriate for each child's age.


  • Scientific Knowledge

  • Scientific Skills & Methods

Creative Arts

  • Music

  • Visual Art

  • Movement

  • Dramatic Play

Social & Emotional Development

  • Self Control

  • Self Concept

  • Cooperation

  • Social Relationships

Approaches to Learning

  • Initiative & Curiosity

  • Sensory Exploration, Reasoning, & Problem Solving

Health & Physical Development

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Health & Safety Practices

  • Nutrition


  • Number & Operations

  • Geometry & Spatial Sense

  • Patterns & Measurements

  • Data Analysis

Language & Literacy  Development

  • Listening & Understanding

  • Speaking & Communicating

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Book Knowledge & Appreciation

  • Print Awareness

Art Class

Find Your Classroom

Cute Baby Crawling

Infant Room
6 Weeks - 9 Months

Curious Girl

Crawler Room
9 Months - 18 Months

Kids Playing with Lego

Toddler Room
2 - 3 Years

Raising Arms

Early Preschool Room
3 - 4 Years


Preschool Room
4 - 5 Years

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