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Cute Baby Boy

Toddler Rooms

18 Months - 3 Years

We all know toddlers get into everything! That's why we have created a safe and fun environment to allow them to explore. Our rooms are everything a toddler could ever need. All of the items are at eye level for them to reach. No need to get frustrated for something being out of their grasp. This is also where we start to put more of a focus on learning our colors, numbers, shapes, and letters throughout their day.

Diverse Kindergarten

Toddler Room

18 Months - 36 Months

In our toddler room we will continue to help them learn more about shapes, letters, numbers, and colors through songs, play, and repetition. This is one of our larger areas giving the children lots of room to roam and play. We are still focusing on social skills and how to play together. They will be in small groups with a teacher as they do their activities throughout the day.

Cute Feet

A Day In the Toddler Room

In the toddler room we follow a set schedule throughout the day. This includes  meals, nap time, group play, circle time, and outdoor play. We are always moving trying to keep up with these busy little ones! We also begin to incorporate potty training if you feel like your child is ready.

Asian Boy

Room Activities

This room has a focus on play with an emphasis on playing together. Children work in small groups to work on their social skills and developmental goals. We have centers focused on pretend play, fine motor, blocks, science, art, and books. We also have biweekly themes that focus on specific colors, numbers, letters, and shapes.

Wooden Soldiers in Plastic Boat

Toddler Curriculum

We start to personalize learning based on the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines. They have 7 main focuses that we will continue to develop throughout their time with us. 

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